I Wish, I Wish, I Wish

42 wishes for 42 lives lost
I wish I could sing
I wish I could dance
I wish I could have my daughter style my hair
I wish I could have a fiesta
I wish I could talk about my time in the military
I wish I could quilt
I wish I could dye my hair purple
I wish I could volunteer
I wish I could plant flowers
I wish I could have the sun on my face
I wish I could have my grandaugter take me to lunch
I wish I could play bingo
I wish I could bowl
I wish I could sew
I wish I could heard sheep
I wish I could attend church
I wish I could see my grandchildren
I wish I could be a nurse
I wish I could teach
I wish I could weave a rug 
I wish I could go out to brunch
I wish I could rope some cattle
I wish I could bake
I wish I could travel the world
I wish I could have a family dinner
I wish I could sing in the church choir
I wish I could go to the flea market
I wish I could go camping in my RV
I wish I could cook Mexican food
I wish I could fish my trout stream in Del Norte
I wish I could go hunting in the San Juan Mountains
I wish I could read a book
I wish I could sit on the front porch swing with my sweetheart
I wish I could visit with my friend of 80 years
I wish I could work on the railroad
I wish I could hold a revival
I wish I could work the farm
I wish I could ride horses
I wish I could play trivia
I wish I could listen to music
I wish I could tell a joke
I wish I could hug my family
I wish I wish I wish

-Jennifer H.

at Mesa Verde National Park


I don’t know if I know
how to listen to silences so old,
quietude contained within rock
crafted into brick, held in a mortar
of mud and pebbles, bound
in ancient spring water and clay.

            Minds speculate:
            what must have been, what still is,
the living traditions we struggle to maintain,
how we find and lose meaning,
place and displace our humanness,
forget our belonging on the earth, strive
then and now to survive. 

Thunder in the cradle of the canyon.
A few drops of rain land on my cheeks
and on high desert dust.
            I let cool wind brush my hair, caress my brow,
            let my head rest in the laps of ancient women
who made comfort out of a landscape,
out of their call to nurture life.
I don’t want to know
anything but this stillness,
this moment away from the entire world,
            this gap in time.

MAY 6, 2020 

We are opening back up on Mother’s Day Weekend!

Thank you lively locals for your loyal support through out this time of shelter in place.  You have sent us notes and supported us through social media and our website!
We will have a Mothers Day Sale and Re-Open Sale!  Up to 50% off Merchandise.

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* Maintain 6 ft. of social distance.
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Dear Covid19,
You have made a horrific situation even worse. When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia 2.5 months ago, her doctor told me that one of the most important things was for her to still be a kid during her treatments. She was to go to movies, have sleepovers, go downtown shopping with her friends and do as many of the things that she did prior to diagnosis. She said she could even ski this spring again. It is truly heartbreaking that I can not give her these moments of joy that she so deserves during this difficult time. Overnight, you took all these opportunities away from not only her, but from all children across the globe. While you have given her siblings and friends a better understanding of what it is like to have everything suddenly taken away and all your plans temporarily put on hold, I would never wish this upon any child-a cancer diagnosis or living through a global pandemic. So as a mother, on Mother’s Day this year, I wish for you to simply go away as fast as you appeared. Scientifically, I know this isn’t possible, but my hope is that scientists will rapidly find a treatment and eventually a vaccine so all children across the globe will begin to have normalcy return to their lives and so they can continue to live their dreams. As mothers, our hearts reside outside of ourselves, and cornavirus, you currently are breaking our hearts.
moms across the globe


lively lookout

I could settle here, let exhausted bones
and my burning, broken-down heart
relax into stasis
next to grinding stones
unused now for hundreds of years—
they offer just the hint of the effort it takes
to be well and thrive in this life,
            to bear witness to change,
            to know ends will come,
            stopping points.


Invisibility invites each one of us
            into its grace, as graceful 
as alcoves of stone in rainstorms,
inside the shelter of awe.

-Renee Podunovich

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After the loss of a pregnancy, we had our beautiful rainbow baby girl the evening before Thanksgiving in 2018. We now had a bright and kind toddler son, a new baby girl, and so much to be thankful for. Unfortunately, postpartum depression and anxiety also joined our family. Our son was born with two heart defects and now with this rainbow baby girl, you could say postpartum anxiety turned me into a germaphobe and homebody. I wanted so badly to keep our new family of four as safe as I could, but with such a heavy cloud of anxiety hanging over me. After seeking help from many local resources (and rock stars) l slowly got back on my feet and feeling back to my normal self. Still bothered by germs, I wore gloves to the grocery store, handling delivered packages and mail, dirty laundry, doctor visits for my kiddos, pumping gas, and even when handling menus at restaurants. We washed hands like crazy and asked others to do the same when entering our home. Little did I know that at the beginning of 2020 that it would become the norm. I felt as if I was secretly preparing for this! We joked that my postpartum struggles were actually superpowers and a glimpse at the future. Our schedule was not thrown off a ton and we didn’t really have to learn new ways of public germ protection as we had already been doing those things! I even had two boxes of masks on hand. My loving and supportive husband is blessed enough to work from home and as a stay-at-home mom I am use to being at home anyways. We love to all be together. My son can show his dad things he is proud of during the day or sing him a song (even when he is on an important work call...oops) and our now 18 month old daughter can happily snuggle her “dada” while banging her hands on her keyboard (have I mentioned my husband is also very patient?). We have loved this time together. All of the meals together, smiles, giggles, walks in the neighborhood, and make believe play are moments I will never forget. Storms really do bring rainbows and sometimes postpartum battles bring education on how to make the world a healthier place during a global pandemic.   -Kim F. 


​​​MAY 6, 2020 

Creativity Contest! 

We asked you to submit poems and essays that express your experience during the shelter in place due to the Corona Virus.  The winner will receive a new signature short-sleeve puffy jacket by Laurie Shepard.  Each writing is amazing and creative in so many way!  Thank you.


​​April 20, 2020

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Lively are happy supporters would like to donate 10% of their on-line sales to this amazing foundation through May 31st during these difficult times.  iAM MUSIC supports musicians of all ages through lessons, out-reach in schools and community events.  Learn more about their foundation by visiting www.iammusic.us and follow them on FB and IG!.  Check out their livestream eFest this Friday at 7pm on social media.

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April 8, 2020

- Amara, a Durango local was diagnosed with leukemia at 13 years old.  Childhood leukemia awareness: On average3,700 children (under age 20) are diagnosed with leukemia in the United States each year, representing 25% of all childhood cancers.  Only 4% of all cancer research dollars goes towards funding childhood cancers.  While childhood cancer is rare, for the children and the families it affects, it is life changing.  These bracelets are to bring awareness to childhood leukemia with the orange cordage representing leukemia awareness.  Amara was diagnosed with B-cell ALL leukemia on 2/20 and after one month of intensive treatment tested to be cancer free.  🙏 She will undergo chemotherapy treatments for the next 2 years to ensure she remains cancer free.  "Dream it, do it”, is the motto Amara lives her life by.  Amara has never had any self-doubt about anything she has dreamed of.  If you want something, put in the hard work and dedication to make it a reality.  Amara is a 4 time and, 1 year honorary while undergoing chemotherapy, Rocky Mountain Regional State Mogul Ski Champion for her age group for the past 5 years.  May we all live like Amara!

Please support awareness and research for childhood leukemia by purchasing her newly designed bracelet!
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​​March  24, 2020

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